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Our Staff of Tax Attorneys are dedicated to making sure the process of dealing with the IRS goes as smooth as possible. We believe in building relationsips with our clients by educating them and providing the best service possible. Our success is dependent on yours! Our experts Tax Attorneys are here to make sure we complete your case as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Five Star Tax Resolution specializes in providing affordable solutions to businesses and individuals who find themselves in collections, being audited, or, levied by the IRS. We put our clients through an in-debth qualification process insuring that the tax payer is a legitimate candidate.

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I want to take the time to give a huge shout out about this organization. I am a auto tire and service manager at Pepboys in Silverlake. One day a gentleman came in as a customer by the name of Rob Roman . We were chatting and for some reason we got on the subject of the IRS.And I expressed to him that ,yes I was looking for somebody to handle some issues for me .Just so happens he was part of Fivestar and they have just been the greatest. My wife and I were concerned about the IRS going after our assets and attaching our wages for our back taxes .So I made an appointment and met with Mark Pineda. They looked over my issues and I went ahead and retained them and it's been one of the best decisions I've made in my life. Truly professional great organization and they got me on a payment program that it is Affordable with our money situation . I just can't say enough on how I am so appreciative of what they did for us.I would stay away from the Tax resolution places that flood TV and radio with commercials,cause you know that us consumers pay for it.Try theses guys,they are the greatest. Bob Edwards/ Burbank Ca.

Bob E.

My husband and I went to Five Star to get help with unpaid taxes and unfiled returns. They were patient with my endless questions and had excellent advice about the IRS and what to expect. They prepared returns for two unfiled tax years and presented an Offer in Compromise, which was accepted. Our situation was complicated by unusual potential future expenses that we wanted the IRS to consider when looking at our offer. Five Star was able to convince the IRS Examiner to look at our entire situation and who we are rather than just the plain numbers. They really went above and beyond and got us an incredibly fair result. Five Star gives you the personal attention you want should you ever end up in a situation like this. They know what they are doing and you can trust them 100% with your personal business. If you are stressed about an IRS issue, go see these guys. They are worth every penny.

Anna M.

Five Star really saved me. I owed way to much in back taxes over 35k to be exact over numerous years and it was just getting out of control. They made the process easy to understand and protected me, the whole time, from garnishments and levies. When all was said and done I only ended up paying them less then 2700.00. I highly recommend the firm. The knowledge and professionalism are first class..

Mike J.